"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

Oprah Winfrey

At Project Scientist, we are committed to providing our students with positive women role models, who look like them so they can dream BIG and pursue their STEM journeys.

If you are a woman studying or working in STEM, you can volunteer with us to share your personal and professional journey with our students through presentations or by being featured on our social media.

Please contact us here for more information!

What to expect

Serving as a virtual or in-person volunteer aka STEM Superstar, gives you the ability to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. Engaging with women like you gives our students the opportunity to see women who look like them thriving in the STEM space and nurtures their curiosity about awesome STEM fields, roles, and careers that they might not have known before!

If you are interested, fill out this contact form and we will be in touch!

Here are some tips on a what makes a great presentation:


Start with a brief introduction about who you are, what you do and where you work (company and city).


Try an icebreaker to warm up the group and set an interactive and fun tone for the presentation.


Share a personal story! The girls want to hear about your dreams as a child, what you wanted to be, and the path that got you to where you are.


Try a hands-on activity. This may help keep students engaged and offer a closer look into your work.


Don't forget to leave time for questions! The girls are always eager to learn more and chances are your presentation has left them more curious than before. 

What our volunteers are saying:

"When I asked the girls if they spoke a language other than English. They all did, just like me. I felt like I was connecting with the girls and showing them how being bilingual was an asset."

STEM Superstar Volunteer 

“Seeing the girls’ eyes light up when they realize they are smart, they are strong, and they are beautiful is such a rewarding feeling. Volunteering with Project Scientist gave me immeasurable joy and hope for a brighter future.” 

Melany Hawkins, Salesforce COE Leader

Information Technology

“I have been impressed with the intellectual curiosity of the students and the insightful guidance of the staff; their passion for STEM and our students is what keeps me coming back year after year. The opportunity to interact with the next generation of STEM leaders is rewarding and fulfilling.”

Sharene Pierce, VP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Duke Energy