Virtual STEM Lab — How It Works


A Project Scientist Lab kit will open a world of possibilities for your child and your family! Each lab kit will contain everything your daughter will need to conduct all of the experiments and activities for the weeks she will attend. We have personally handpicked the items in your lab kit to ensure that your girl has the very best virtual STEM summer camp experience.

Along with the kit, you will also receive access to online resources, videos, and experiments for deeper learning for the entire family. Each kit is intended for one child. You will receive one kit per registered child and will automatically receive 10% off each additional sibling registered. Extra shipping & handling charges will be applied for Project Scientist lab kits delivered to Hawaii, Alaska & International addresses. Please contact for details.


Take part in LIVE STEM programming every day* throughout the week!

Our small class sizes tailored by age groups provide girls a personal and intimate learning experience that will inspire and challenge them. Meet scientists and engineers in interactive Zoom webinars and embark on virtual expeditions as if you were there in person!

The Project Scientist Virtual STEM Lab, our online summer camp, is a high-touch, hands-on educational experience that brings the magic of Project Scientist to the comfort of your home at your own schedule.

*Events take place in your chosen time zone (Eastern Time, Pacific Time, Central Time). 

JUNE 21 - JUNE 25, 2021

Modern Day Building Science & Engineering Design:

How do we create a higher quality indoor building environment? How can we save energy spent to heat and cool our homes? Scientists will learn from the best in the field and engineer their own modern day building structures that include the design of elements like thermal, acoustic, light, air & water.

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JUNE 28 – JULY 2, 2021

Discover Entrepreneurship:

STEM and entrepreneurship! Scientists will learn how to turn an idea into reality. They will work to solve a global challenge by creating a solution, getting it funded, and bringing it to market; innovative thinkers & problem solvers will use design thinking to contribute to real-world issues. Girls will become "Founders" of their own companies and end the week presenting their pitch to our Project Scientist community!

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JULY 5 – JULY 9, 2021

Innovations in Food Production and Delivery

Farm to Table is easier said than done! During this week we will study the full life cycle of where our food comes from. Growing, production and packaging to our consumption and nutrition. Your scientist will create ways to address environmental challenges in food production to work towards a more sustainable future.

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JULY 12– JULY 16, 2021

Exploring Climate Change through a Geographic Information System (GIS):

Global temperatures and sea levels are rising and contributing to some of our planet's most pressing problems. Girls will explore how climate change affects the earth's systems and human activity through spatial analysis, mapping, and GIS tools.

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JULY 19 – JULY 23, 2021

Technology & Internet

This is an engineering-focused week all about the internet! Everybody uses the internet, but do we know how the internet gets to your house, how does searching on the internet work, what are algorithms, what is machine learning and AI, and how do they affect what we do? Girls will create their own webpage and market it based on the knowledge they gain.

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JULY 26 – JULY 30, 2021

Amazing Brain Science:

The human brain is like a computer! It allows you to think, blink, breathe and it even makes your heart beat. Scientists will learn about one of our most important organs, how it develops, how to practice a growth mindset, and how to support the health of one of the body's most complex systems.

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"My daughter was excited about her day in camp and could not wait to summarize the lessons, experiments and guest speakers she had."

— Project Scientist Parent



Use code STEMLAB100 and get $100 off when you sign up for all 6 weeks!

Use code STEMLAB50 and get $50 off when you sign up for 3 weeks!


**Financial assistance program: 70% of the girls that Project Scientist serves receive financial aid. Click here to learn more about our financial assistance program.

**Extra shipping & handling charges will be applied for Project Scientist lab kits delivered to Hawaii, Alaska & International addresses. Please contact for details.

*Siblings discount: Get $10 off per child for each week of summer camp when you register siblings! Use code SIBLING10. Discounts cannot be combined. Refunds will not be issued

*All students must have access to a laptop, computer, or tablet and high-speed Internet for at least 90 minutes during your session times to participate in this program.

For any additional information please visit the FAQs page.