2022 Summer Virtual Lab

Provide your daughter with her own STEM Lab in the safety and convenience of your home through Project Scientist’s Virtual Summer STEM Lab

Join Project Scientist for a hands-on immersive STEM experience that takes summer camp to a whole new level! Our small class sizes provide girls ages 7-12 a personal and intimate learning experience that will challenge and inspire them to be innovative scientists and problem solvers! Project Scientist is here to help your daughter make gains in both math and science through our virtual yet hands-on program, in line with Next Gen Science Standards.


Smash it. Bend it. Melt it. Let's Get to Work Material Engineers!


July 18 - July 22 
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. PST | 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST

It's time to break it down with destructive testing. Our material engineers will put a variety of items to the test to see how they react to heavy weight and extreme stress for a critical understanding of what it takes to be durable. 

In addition to the Project Scientist Summer Lab science kit, every enrolled family will be receiving the math enrichment kit, Pup Quiz. Pup Quiz contains supplementary math hands-on material for students (2nd through 5th grade) to strengthen their problem solving, fact fluency, number sense, and social emotional skills. For activities and games to play at home, visit pupquiz.org! 

What she will learn and corresponding NGSS standards:

  • Apply scientific ideas to design a model and prototype (K-2-ETS1-2 ; 4-PS3-4)
  • Plan and conduct an investigation to test, compare, and analyze different materials (K-PS2-1, K-2-ETS1-3, 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-2).
  • Perform observations with key variables in mind to determine which material is the best suited for a purpose (5-PS1-3, 3-5-ETS1-3, 2-PS1-2)

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Virtual STEM Lab Includes

Hands-on STEM learning, mindfulness sessions, and tons of fun, led by credentialed teachers

A Project Scientist STEM Lab Kit delivered to your home each week

Interactions with women STEM Superstars and famous scientists!

Virtual expeditions to top STEM companies for a behind-the-scenes tour

Parent Club meetings — helping you support your daughter's dreams



100% of girls would go to STEM Lab again if they were given the chance.

90% of parents felt supported by Project Scientist to help their daughter participate in STEM Club at home.

91% of parents believe Project Scientist created a diverse environment for learning.