Project Scientist’s Summer STEAM Lab is an immersive experience for girls* ages 4-12 that takes summer camp to a whole new level! Through hands-on science experiments and activities we challenge and inspire our students to be innovative scientists and problem solvers. Each lab runs over 1-3 weeks and features half-day or full-day sessions. Subject to availability, our Summer Labs are hosted on STEM company campuses, allowing students to experience firsthand what it's like to work at a leading STEM company!

The Project Scientist Difference

Exciting themes: Each STEAM Lab is built around a theme, such as climate change, food science, robotics, materials engineering and more.

Bilingual programs and Credentialed teachers: Our programs, available in English and Spanish, are taught using gender and racially-equitable teaching strategies by credentialed teachers upskilled at our Teaching Institute.

Tuition Free Programs: We focus on girls from marginalized and underserved communities and we are committed to providing all programs at no cost to students and their families. 

Expeditions & Role Models: We take our students on expeditions to leading STEM companies, giving them real world exposure to the STEM industry and diverse women STEM role models. 

Parental Involvement: We intentionally engage parents and caregivers through STEAM sessions and sharing resources to ensure that our students receive holistic support in their STEM education journey.

Bring Summer Lab to your School or Nonprofit

Project Scientists partners with school districts, individual schools, nonprofit, community organizations and library systems to offer our Summer STEAM Lab to girls ages 4-18 from marginalized and underserved communities. We provide curriculum, training materials for teachers, STEAM education kits for students and all the logistical support to run our programs. All our programs are available in English and Spanish. 

Want to bring our program to your school, school district or nonprofit organization? Fill out this program interest form and a member of our team will contact you with next steps.

Champion your child’s STEM journey

Are you a parent or caregiver looking to enroll your child in our Summer Lab? While we don’t take enrollments directly, you can fill out our program interest form and a member of our team will contact you with opportunities in your location. If we don’t have a program offered near you we can explore ways to bring our lab to your child’s school.

Become a Funding Partner

STEM companies are a core part of our programs. We partner with companies to host expeditions at their facilities and engage their employees as volunteers and role models for our students. Funding from STEM companies allows us to offer our programs tuition-free, making them more inclusive and accessible to our students. Funding partners also have the opportunity to host students on their campus for 1-3 weeks, engaging both students and employees.

Read about the benefits of being a funding partner here.

What they're saying:

“My favorite part about camp is that I'm learning stuff and I get to meet new people and we get to do things that I really like. When I grow up I want to be a doctor or a vet.”

Gertrude (Greta)

“When I grow up I want to be a scientist that studies germs and my favorite part about camp was when we did the experiment with the pepper because it was cool when all of the pepper went away with the soap.”


“My favorite part of this week was learning new things about space, and I liked learning about airplanes and rockets and how they work.”



What comes next after Summer Lab?

Here’s more ways to stay engaged on the Project Scientist pathway!