Project Scientist STEM Superstars


Thank you for your interest in coming to serve our Project Scientist students as a Summer Academy STEM Superstar!

STEM Superstar Program Description: At Project Scientist we want to celebrate the discoveries, achievements, and success of pioneering women in STEM, which is why we start every day with inspiring women in STEM. Designed to honor women who demonstrate a passion for science, technology, engineering, or math, the Superstar program provides women in STEM a platform with which to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire the next generation of female leaders. Daily interaction with STEM Superstars allows young girls to become familiar seeing women thriving in the STEM space, as well as providing an opportunity to explore awesome STEM fields, roles, and careers they might not have known before. 

For Project Scientist students, our Superstars both encourage and inspire us. They teach us to ask questions, seek answers, and explore new solutions by sharing their own STEM Story. 

Serve as a featured STEM Superstar: As one of our featured Superstars, we ask that you share your STEM story with our campers during an in-person visit. Your visit will be broken into two 15 minute sessions, starting with Pre K - 2nd graders and then finishing with 3rd-7th graders.

Start with a brief introduction about who you are and what you do. Try an icebreaker to warm up the group and set an interactive and fun tone for the presentation. Share a personal story! The girls want to hear about your dreams as a child, what you wanted to be, and the path that got you to where you are. Try a hands-on activity. This may help keep students engaged and offers a closer look into your work. Don't forget to leave time for questions! The girls are always eager to learn more and chances are your presentation has left them more curious than before. 

If you are interested in serving as a STEM Superstar at one of our five sites, please follow the links below to sign-up! Whether or not your work and/or expertise is within one of our weekly themes, we are excited to hear from you! 

Please reach out to to sign up to volunteer with us!