Girls anywhere in the U.S. can discover the fun of hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts and math with Project Scientist’s STEAM Club!

After-school STEAM Club is for girls ages 4-12, tailored by age. STEAM Club meets once a week in your location. We work with schools, libraries, and non-profits to bring our programming to your group of girls.

With exciting themes in a supportive environment, STEAM Club builds girls' confidence through hands-on activities that they love.

Our credentialed teachers provide virtual instruction.We show your staff and volunteers how to be facilitators in your setting. We make set-up easy by supplying lab kits with everything you need.

Project Scientist teachers are trained in equitable STEAM teaching strategies. Club content is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.

We can offer STEAM Club at little to no cost to many schools and organizations thanks to generous corporate donors and foundation grants. One hundred percent of Project Scientist girls come from under-resourced backgrounds. Email to find out how to bring STEAM Club to your group!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Up to 2 hours of after-school STEAM learning each week
  • Instruction inspired by your girls' interests, cultures, and experiences.
  • Hands-on experiments and activities that integrate all STEAM subjects
  • Lab kits with authentic and engaging learning materials
  • Visits to leading STEM employers, giving girls a behind-the-scenes look at how women make a difference in STEM
  • Opportunities for girls to meet diverse female STEM professionals and inspiring role models
  • Conversations on how girls can use STEAM to solve problems and improve their communities

STEAM Rocks!

March 6 - 27

It's time to rock and roll! Our geologists will explore the formation of rocks and discover their properties through testing of various rocks and minerals. They will then travel miles below the surface of the Earth as they explore plate tectonics. As experts on the movements of the Earth's crust, our engineers will discover the effects of earthquakes in cities all over the world and design an earthquake proof building.

Go Green!

April 3 - 24

Prepare to change the world! Our scientists will explore their carbon footprint and discover alternative forms of sustainable energy. As part of an incredible team of STEAM scientists, our girls* will work together to find ways to implement sustainability in their own communities and restore our Earth.