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Looking for something exciting to do this school year?

Are you interested in STEM and want to connect with other girls* who are eager to grow their STEM abilities with top STEM companies from across the globe?

This 22/23 School year get ready for a fun filled 90 minutes per week of STEM pathway exploration, Superstar discussions, mentorship by Rising Stars and exciting rewards and swag to celebrate your future STEM career possibilities.

You will engage in meaningful discussions to prepare you for your dream career, create and share STEM stories, develop friendships, interact with Superstars and Rising Stars with similar interests, gain a competitive edge by earning badges and so much more!

If you are selected, you will receive a full scholarship to cover the cost of attendance! So, let your caregiver know that you are interested ASAP! 

*Our program's methods are beneficial to all participants. While our program has focused on supporting girls in STEM, we welcome participants from all genders including female identifying and nonbinary youth participants.


About the Scholars Program

Project Scientist Scholars Virtual Program is designed for girls* ages 13 to 18 to provide a safe space to grow STEM career skills and awareness of STEM career pathways. It provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships among diverse and underrepresented Scholars (youth participants), Rising Stars (interns), and STEM professionals! These relationships support the development and growth of confidence in their STEM abilities, foster further development of positive STEM identities, and support their STEM interest and confidence.

Monthly themes related to STEM, leadership, and collaboration will be executed during the program with visits from STEM Superstars (STEM role models) as well.

2021 Scholars Impact Report

What You Will Get

This year, we serving 60 girls in our Scholars Program! Scholars programs serves girls* ages 13-18 in a virtual setting, weekly. Scholars engage in collaborative projects, independent and group challenges, and career themed activities with Math integration opportunities to strengthen their STEAM interest and confidence. The Project Scientist Scholars program will also incorporate strategies from our SciGirls Partner, Black SciGirls, to engage our diverse youth participants in activities and achieve the following goals:

  • Scholars will expand their understanding of what their STEM pathway could look like
  • Scholars will feel empowered to address inequities using STEAM, and challenging STEAM Stereotypes via increased access to STEM education for Black girls, preparing them for future workforce participation
  • Scholars will feel more confident about their "soft skills" related to STEM (i.e. collaboration, creating and giving presentations, asking questions)
  • Scholars will use critical thinking to solve a real-world STEM challenge that a business is addressing

Scholars Program Details

Run Time: October 16th - April 9th
*We are continuing to accept applications throughout the program.

Days: Sundays

Location: Zoom


  • 5:00 PM to 6:30PM CST
  • 6:00PM to 7:30PM EST
  • 3:00PM to 4:30PM PT

We will not meet on: Nov. 27th, Dec 25th, Jan 1st, or April 2nd

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to provide a $1,000 scholarship to all participants to attend Project Scientist Scholars for FREE.

The Project Scientist Scholars Program is supported by exciting companies like Trane Technologies, Ally, Takeda, Cindy McCormick, Hopefulminds, and Game On Nation.