Project Scientist is looking for its next CEO


March 8, 2023

Thank you, Project Scientist family! Together we committed to guiding girls toward their future, going against societal stereotypes in STEM, and supporting under-represented students in science. Today we celebrate ten years as a non-profit organization, serving over 20,000 girls in multiple states and Mexico.  Check out our latest video here.  

Thank you for believing in me to lead and co-create this incredible organization; it has been an honor and inspiration to work side-by-side with you to bring the best product possible to girls in STEM.  As you are an essential part of the Project Scientist family, I wanted to let you know that I will officially be transitioning from CEO on July 1st to part-time founder-in-residence through the end of 2023 to support a new CEO.  Our tenth anniversary is the perfect time to bring a fresh perspective, energy, and experiences to a rapidly growing and relevant organization.  

Project Scientist has struck a chord with girls, parents, teachers, employers, STEM professionals, and organizations focusing on education, and we have only just begun!  In 2020 our board of directors set a strategic focus to support closing the education inequity gap; as a result, 100% of the girls we serve represent marginalized or under-resourced households. Our programs run year-round in schools, at STEM companies, and in non-profit partner settings in English and Spanish. Each year we retain experts in the STEM field from the PEAR Institute at Harvard, UNC Charlotte, and Lunaria to validate our outcomes and inform our work. During the pandemic, the Project Scientist team continued to serve 4,000 girls in 26 states. 

Our board members are being thoughtful in our CEO search and have commissioned Koya Partners, a top executive search firm for non-profits.  At the same time, our board and staff are deepening our knowledge of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to understand how we can best serve girls in STEM.  The Project Scientist team recently set a goal to provide 1 million high-quality STEAM experiences by 2040. We will achieve this goal by serving 500,000 under-resourced and marginalized girls in the communities where they live and by training 5,000 elementary teachers in math, gender, and racial equity teaching strategies.  Training 4,000 STEM professionals to serve as role models and partnering with leading companies and universities will also be critical to help us reach our 2040 goal.

The future looks bright for girls in STEM, and I encourage you to re-engage with our work in three ways during this exciting time.

1. Share the CEO opportunity with your networks.
2. Donate $10 for 10 years in honor of our 10th Anniversary!
3. Do you work at a STEM-focused company?  Join these leading companies in partnering with Project Scientist to create the next skilled workforce.


Thank you, Project Scientist family!  Leadership is about inspiring others to believe and enabling that belief to become a reality. Together, we are achieving that for girls in STEM.

Sandy Marshall
Project Scientist