Summer STEM Academy — Pasadena


Summer STEM Academy 2019 Themes & Dates: 

  • June 17-21: Science of Crime - Real Life and Online - Become a forensics expert by solving both in person and online crimes through analyzing evidence. Digital crime is on the rise and we’ll learn how to protect ourselves and others through cybersecurity.
    Expedition Host: PwC  
  • June 24-28: Robotics & AI - Join us as we dive into the world of AI through robotics. We'll use various platforms to build models, use sensors and motors and configure behaviors to design our own robots. As our robots come to life, we'll test our models with challenges fostering creativity and innovation.
    Expedition Host: Honeybee Robotics  
  • July 1-5*: How It’s Made - Let’s get our hands dirty as we uncover how things are made! We’ll take apart and breakdown well-known and beloved items and gain appreciation for the processes and people who make them. *There will be no camp July 4th. 
  • Expedition Host: Virgin Orbit  
  • July 8-12: All Aboard! Transportation: Past, Present and Future - No matter the destination, we’ll tinker with different transit vehicles to get you there by air, space, road, water, and more! We’ll learn how transportation systems work together to keep us moving and tinker with tried and true vehicles to create new platforms for efficient mobility.
    Expedition Hosts: Virgin Galactic & The Spaceship Company 
  • July 15-19: Coding & Gaming - Computer programming code runs the world. We'll learn basic and advanced techniques for creating code for computers, video games and more using interactive platforms such as Roblox. 
    Expedition Host: Google  
  • July 22-26: Genetics, DNA, and Dissection - What does a brain really look like? How does the circulatory system work? What determines eye color? We’ll spend the week dissecting and analyzing what makes each of us unique. We will study Gregor Mendel and his peas, Punnett squares/pedigrees and DNA all week long. Campers should feel comfortable with age appropriate dissections to attend this camp.
    Expedition Host: Medtronic   

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Site Location 

California Institute of Technology

1200 East California Blvd., 
Pasadena, CA 91125

*One day per week will be offsite on a field trip expedition.

Our Academy is on a college campus so that girls can picture themselves pursuing higher education in the future.

Questions about the CA Location? Contact us at 


Field Trip Expeditions

Girls will be on an expedition one day per week. These expeditions give girls an opportunity to interact with female STEM professionals, participate in hands-on activities, and tour exciting STEM workplaces.

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$795 per week | $650 for the week of 4th of July 

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“I loved that my daughter came home from camp referring to herself as a scientist and talking about experimenting and not being afraid to keep trying. I've tried to instill that in her in the past— but camp made it click! There is a whole new confidence. She's always loved these things but her time at Project Scientist gave her a sense of seeing herself as a scientist and explorer… THANK YOU!!”

- Project Scientist parent, Julia


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