Project Scientist is a non-profit organization serving girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through our summer academies and year-round expeditions, and we need your support to serve more girls!

Over 90% of women in STEM report experiencing gender-bias in addition to having a shortage of female role models and experiencing a gender-based pay gap. Help us change this. Your donation will help provide opportunities for our future scientists from low-income families and allow them to participate in our year-round programming in California, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Atlanta. Redefining what it means to be a woman in STEM begins now!

CoreLogic Employees

CoreLogic employees that are interested in supporting the Women in Business Council fundraiser to provide scholarships to STEM Club for girls from under-resourced households, please donate here:


Sponsor a Scientist

CA ScientistsMake a donation to sponsor our scientists in need where our girls can partake in Spring 2021 Project Scientist STEM Club and receive the technology and materials needed to participate. A donation of $1300 will sponsor the technology needs, including hardware and connectivity to a girl from a low-income household to access the Project Scientist Virtual Lab. Girls from economically disadvantaged households will receive an iPad and access to the Internet, increasing equality and providing all girls a fair opportunity to quality STEM education.

Sponsor a Scientist


One-Time Donation

Academy ScientistsMake a one-time donation to help Project Scientist provide more girls the opportunity to engage with powerful women in STEM and participate in hands-on learning to help foster their love for the sciences!

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Monthly Donation

NC ScientistsMake a monthly donation to help support our Academy and Expedition programs where our scientists can travel to different universities and organizations in the area of STEM and learn more about what the field has to offer! 

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