Project Scientist serves all girls and gender expansive youth. We welcome all female-identifying or nongender conforming youth as participants in our programs.​


What types of programs are available from Project Scientist?

We provide after-school STEAM Clubs and summer STEAM Labs for girls ages 4 to 12 nationwide and in Mexico.  Our Scholars mentoring program is for girls ages 13 to 18. 
Project Scientist’s Teaching Institute educates K-8 teachers and administrators in how to develop culturally competent STEAM curriculums for your classroom, school, or program.


How can I bring after-school STEAM Club to my school, library, or after-school program?

We provide STEAM Club without charge to qualifying schools, non-profits and libraries that serve predominantly under-sourced and marginalized girls. We work with many Title 1 schools. Contact teachinginstitute@projectscientist.org to find out more!  


How can I bring summer STEAM Lab to my school district, program, or company?

We can offer STEAM Lab at little to no cost to many schools and non-profit organizations thanks to generous corporate partners. Reach out to us at info@projectscientist.org.

Do you work for a STEM company? Nothing beats the excitement of girls discovering science, technology, engineering, arts and math on site at a STEM workplace. Our program includes volunteer opportunities for your female STEM professionals to share their experiences with our girls as our STEM Superstars! 

Join Trane Technologies, CoreLogic, Pentair, Boston Scientific, and other companies that host STEAM Lab during the summer on their corporate campuses. We’d love to hear from you at info@projectscientist.org .


What do we need to provide to host a Project Scientist program? 

All you need is a minimum of 15 enthusiastic girls, a dedicated learning space, a monitor or screen, wifi and class facilitators. We provide the teachers, lab kits, and fun!


How well qualified are your teachers? 

Our diverse group of educators has many years of experience teaching STEAM. Project Scientist also gives them additional training and credentialing through our Teaching Institute on math educational techniques, along with gender and racially equitable teaching strategies. 

Our teachers are dedicated to engaging and inspiring girls from under-resourced and marginalized backgrounds. You can learn more about our superb cohort of teachers on our Team page.


Do you offer programs in Spanish?

Yes!  Our STEAM Club and STEAM Lab are both available in Spanish in the U.S. We also host programs in Mexico.  Our Spanish programs coordinator is a first-gen Latina college graduate. Learn more about our Spanish programs by emailing info@projectscientist.org

¡Sí, nuestros programas de STEAM Club y STEAM Lab son disponibles en español en los EE. UU! También organizamos programas en México. Nuestra coordinadora de programas de español es una Latina graduada universitaria de primera generación. Obtén más información sobre nuestros programas de español aquí.


How are the class sizes determined? 

We focus on keeping our class sizes around 15-20 students. We group classes by grade if they are hosted within schools to differentiate instruction according to student needs. We differentiate into older and younger groups when hosted on partner sites. Dividing the classes into younger and older cohorts helps our staff provide our young scientists the attention they need.


What is your commitment to diversity?

Project Scientist is committed to being an agent of change in STEM. We are intentional in driving diversity in STEM careers by gender, race, and ethnicity and ensuring everyone has a chance to have a seat at the STEM table. 

One hundred percent of the girls we serve are from under-resourced households, including Black, Latina, Asian, American Indian, or Native Hawaiian.  See our diversity statement for additional background.


Can boys join Project Scientist Programs?

Since its inception, Project Scientist has focused on creating programs for all girls and marginalized gender expressions. We do so to help address the significant gender gap in STEM degrees and STEM careers, and to encourage girls that a STEM career is attainable for any girl who wants one. That being said, we are happy to serve any child between the ages 4 to 18 who wishes to join our programs, regardless of gender identity or expression.