What types of programs are offered at Project Scientist?

Project Scientist has chosen to conduct its programs in virtual and hybrid formats. 

We offer two virtual and hybrid programs:

  • STEM Club - an after-school program offered during fall, winter, and spring
  • Virtual STEM Lab - 6 week immersive STEM camp offered during summer
  • We offer one fully virtual program: Project Scientist Scholars

How can I register for Virtual STEM Club?

Visit the Virtual STEM Club page and click on the Register Now button. Fill in your information, and select your choice of program sessions/time zones, etc. Finally submit your payment to complete the registration.

How do the virtual programs work?

We use Zoom to operate our virtual programs. Each participant receives a monthly kit to enjoy a hands-on experience that is led by a Project Scientist credentialed teacher in the company of similar-aged girls. For more information click here.

How do the hybrid programs work?

We use Zoom to operate our virtual and hybrid programs. Each participant receives a monthly kit delivered to their school to enjoy a hands-on experience that is led by a Project Scientist credentialed teacher or their school's selected teacher (also trained by Project Scientist) in the company of similar-aged girls. 

How are the class sizes determined? 

We focus on keeping our class sizes around 15-20 students.  We group classes by grade if they are hosted within schools to differentiate instruction according to student needs. We differentiate into older and younger groups when hosted on partner sites or at home. Dividing the classes into younger and older cohorts helps our staff to provide our young scientists the attention they need.

When will I receive my hands-on-kit?

All kits will be mailed to the address provided or to your child's school during the registration process. You will receive your kit a week in advance of your sessions’ start date(s). Each student will receive ONE box per session. Extra shipping & handling charges will be applied to kits mailed to Alaska, Hawaii & International addresses. Please contact us at info@projectscientist.org if you have any issues with the kits.

When will we receive access to the class?

You will receive a zoom link a day prior to the start of your session if you are part of a virtual cohort. This link will remain the same for all sessions. Bookmark the link for easy access. School participants should arrive at their scheduled classroom as directed by their teacher.

How can I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund?

No credits or refunds are offered for cancellations.

Do you offer any discounts?

We currently offer a Sibling discount. Use discount code SIBLING10 to get $10 off each session. To be notified of any additional discounts sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the latest STEMtastic happenings at Project Scientist.

Is your program available in multiple time zones?

Yes. For your convenience, our programs are offered in EST, CST, and PST. You can choose the time zone that fits best with your daughter's schedule at the time of registration.

How well are your teachers qualified?

All of our teachers are credentialed and come with vast experience. In addition, all our teachers are also provided with training and resources so that they can teach and inspire their daughters and yours to build confidence in STEM.

Are parents required to be online with their child during Project Scientist programs?

No. The program is designed in a way that the participants can be guided by the teacher and parental involvement is minimal. However, with younger children unfamiliar with Zoom, the occasional help from a parent is greatly appreciated. For participants ages 4-6, we require parent participation.

Does Project Scientist have a diversity statement?

This statement is on our About Us page: Project Scientist is committed to being an agent of change in STEM. We are intentional in driving diversity in STEM careers by gender, race, and ethnicity and ensuring everyone has a chance to have a seat at the STEM table. Eighty-five percent of the girls we serve are from under-resourced households, and seventy-five percent identify as Black, Latina, Asian, American Indian, or Native Hawaiian. Although we focus on girls, we are dedicated to serving any child regardless of gender identity or expression. In 2022, as board, staff, and STEM community, we are taking a thoughtful approach to review and create our vision for diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Can boys join Project Scientist Programs?

Since its inception, Project Scientist has focused on creating programs for all girls and marginalized gender expressions. We do so to help address the significant gender gap in STEM degrees and STEM careers, and to encourage girls that a STEM career is attainable for any girl who wants one. That being said, we are happy to serve any child between the ages 4 to 18 who wishes to join our programs, regardless of gender identity or expression.



Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Yes! Over 70% of the girls served by Project Scientist attend the programs with financial assistance. Financial assistance consists of scholarships and grants to cover participation costs for under-resourced attendees. You will not need to fill out a form. Demographic information will be collected during the registration process.

How can I apply for Financial Aid?

Visit the Virtual STEM Club page and click on the registration button. You will then be directed to complete a registration form. Please fill it out as accurately and completely as possible. 

When will I find out if my student(s) have been accepted for Financial Assistance?

All known assignments will be allocated one month before class starts. If additional funding becomes available, spots may be assigned through the fall. When classes are full, a waitlist is opened.

What does Financial Assistance include?

Financial Assistance includes access to your registered session(s) weekly classes, hands-on STEM kits, and access to additional summer programs (STEM Nights, etc.).