Dedicated to Diversity


 Sharing the perspectives of diverse Women in STEM is integral for advancing all girls' confidence to pursue STEM education or careers. Our STEM Chat series features women in STEM and opportunities for young Scientists and Scholars to interact with and ask questions about their unique experiences. We recognize the importance of representation and role models in STEM careers for all girls, especially marginalized populations.



For Our Company:

At Project Scientist, we value the diverse experiences, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives that our employees contribute to advancing STEM equity for all girls. We operate with integrity, are growth-oriented, and are determined to hold each member of our organization accountable for creating safe and inclusive workplaces that allow us to be our authentic selves. We are committed to promoting the personal and overall well being and sense of belonging of our team and students first.

Our goal is to maintain a company culture where each individual, regardless of background or identity, feels safe, respected, and valued as a leader or contributor to our organizational mission, vision, and purpose. We strive to be an example for other organizations seeking to create diverse, equitable, inclusive and belonging working environments, systems, and processes.


We will continue to advance all employees' overall sense of belonging and create an inclusive community and workplace that provides each employee with the tools and resources to be successful in their role while celebrating, acknowledging, respecting, and valuing the diverse perspectives that each employee provides. We will continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity & inclusion.

For Our Youth:

Project Scientist is committed to being an agent of change in STEM. We intentionally drive diversity in STEM careers by gender, race, and ethnicity and ensure everyone has a chance to have a seat at the STEM table. Eighty-five percent of the girls we serve are from under-resourced households, and seventy-five percent identify as Black, Latina, Asian, American Indian, or Native Hawaiian. Although we focus on girls, we are dedicated to serving any child regardless of gender identity or expression. Throughout 2023 and beyond, as board, staff, and STEM community, we are taking a thoughtful approach to review and create our vision for diversity and inclusion in STEM.


We will create safe, collaborative learning spaces to advance STEM equity for all girls with 50% or more of our youth coming from marginalized and underrepresented races and backgrounds in STEM careers and at least 75% of our youth coming from under-resourced households.