Anushka Gole

Director of Marketing

Anushka is a communications and marketing specialist with over 10 years experience helping nonprofit organizations in India and the United States tell their story and grow their audience. Throughout her career, Anushka has been committed to helping create a just and equitable society. Prior to joining the Project Scientist team, she helped lead 500 Women Scientists—a global grassroots organization dedicated to gender and racial equity in STEM. Anushka’s passion for equity in STEM comes from this experience as well as from her brief stint in aviation when she learned to fly planes in Texas. Anushka’s interests outside of work include watercolor painting, tending to her plants, watching Korean dramas and volunteering with local organizations. Originally from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Anushka now lives in Chicago, USA.

Favorite Woman in STEM: Mae Jemison— an engineer, physician, NASA astronaut and the first African-American to travel to space.