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Project Scientist began in 2011 with a dream to increase diversity in STEM by inspiring girls. We have grown from serving 5 girls in our founder's backyard to serving 20,000 girls across the nation in over 26 states. 

We created Project Scientist to change the world's view of "who" a scientist is and "what" a scientist does. We aim to transform the face of STEM by nurturing today's future scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow's greatest challenges! Every second of a girl's time with us is intentional and based off of the latest research of what drives and sustains girls' interest in STEM. We are determined to reach STEM girls and hold their hand through their PhD or as far as their STEM dreams take them because we believe that the future of STEM is female.

2020 Annual Report

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Project Scientist Manifesto

As we boldly plan for the future, the Project Scientist team created the Project Scientist Manifesto! As an organization, we commit to fully incorporating the manifesto every day in our work in support of STEM girls worldwide.

Project Scientist Pathway

Project Scientist has established a robust and focused STEM pathway to advance girls and women, of all ages, in their STEM interests and passions. Through extensive research on current trends and practices, the Project Scientist Pathway was developed to ensure girls stay on track in both their academic and professional STEM achievement. Our model is unique in the STEM out of school-time space, as we are not just judging ourselves on the number of girls served, but on how we are affecting our girls STEM future dreams and goals.

Project Scientist Virtual Lab and STEM Club 
Ages 4 to 12
Project Scientist Scholars
Ages 13 to 15
Project Scientist Alumni
Ages 4 to 35




Dedicated to Diversity

Project Scientist is committed to being an agent of change in STEM. We are intentional in driving diversity in STEM careers by gender, race, and ethnicity and ensuring everyone has a chance to have a seat at the STEM table. Eighty-five percent of the girls we serve are from under-resourced households, and seventy-five percent identify as Black, Latina, Asian, American Indian, or Native Hawaiian. Although we focus on girls, we are dedicated to serving any child regardless of gender identity or expression. In 2022, as board, staff, and STEM community, we are taking a thoughtful approach to review and create our vision for diversity and inclusion in STEM.



"We were thrilled to find a place where our daughters could continue exploring their interests in STE(A)M with other young and professional female scientists,” said Project Scientist mom Angela Willis. “The summer experience coupled with the school-year field trips makes for the perfect mesh of year-round personal growth and academic enrichment! We are so grateful to Project Scientist!"

Angela Willis
Project Scientist Mom

If you would like to learn more about the research that Project Scientist is based on, please view our research.