Project Scientist STEM Superstars


At Project Scientist we want to celebrate the discoveries, achievements, and success of pioneering women in STEM! Designed to honor women who demonstrate a passion for science, technology, engineering, or math, the Superstar program provides women in STEM a platform with which to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire the next generation of female leaders!

Superstars both encourage and inspire us! They ask questions, seek answers, and explore new solutions trailblazing the path to STEM innovation and achievement for young girls everywhere!

Are you ready to make an impact on the future of young girls in STEM? 

Serve as a featured STEM Superstar: During Project Scientist Academy we begin every day with inspiration from real women in STEM! Interacting with STEM Superstars daily opens girls up to non-traditional roles and fields, with new academic and career trajectories. Featured Superstars are celebrated with an invitation to share their STEM story with our campers. During their visit to camp Superstars engage students in hands on activities and a student-led Q&A session, interacting with our students either, in-person through a camp visit or virtually via Skype.

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