2019 Employment 

Are you ready to change the face of STEM?

Are you passionate about inspiring the next generation of change-makers, thought leaders and innovators? 

Project Scientist at TraneWorking for Project Scientist is more than a summer job. It's fulfilling an essential mission. It's encouraging girls to identify and challenge STEM stereotypes. It's failing and growing as students and educators engage together in science, coding, robotics, makerspace, and more. It's working with leading STEM companies to ensure that every woman as a seat at the table and a chance to solve issues our world faces. 

Are YOU up for the challenge?  

2019 Summer STEM Academy Employment opportunities include: 

  • Academy Site Director
  • Academy Assistant Site Director
  • STEM Teachers
  • College STEM Fellows

Hiring season begins November 1, 2018. Check back on this employment page for open positions and how to apply. To stay in touch until November 1st, please submit your resume to hiring@projectscientist.org

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